The Wilkie Cumberbatch team and coaching staff celebrating their win.

Wilkie makes history

A single goal in the 11th hour was all it took to settle the score for Wilkie Cumberbatch, as the Pine institution came away winners in the 2017 final of the BICO National Sports Council Primary Sc

Merchandising Technician at Berger Paints Rodney Wilkinson getting one of the first ‘knocks’ ahead of the start of the competition.

Some of the schools on parade during yesterday’s opening ceremony for the inaugural A1 Supermarkets Berger Paints Rubis National Secondary Schools' Road Tennis Championship.

Schools’ Road Tennis Tourney makes jump to secondary level

Over the next two weeks students from 22 secondary schools will be looking to claim glory as the inaugural winners of the A1 Supermarkets/ Berger Paints/Rubis/ National Secondary Schools’ Road Tenn


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