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Jean Harabarema breaking the tape as the first person back in the Colombian Emeralds International 10 K.   


Harabarema and Nero take top spots in Run Barbados 10K


The jury is still out on whether or not Jean Harabarema will be going after two titles in the 2016 Run Barbados Marathon Weekend. After coming home first in yesterday’s Colombian Emeralds International 10 K event, the Martiniquan is biding his time before toeing the line in today’s Cave Shepherd Marathon.
Harabarema came home first to clock 31:28.65 minutes after pulling away from Kenya’s Stephen Tanui. The two ran together for most of the race, however, Harabarema made his move at Lower Broad Street and never looked back. Tanui was never able to cover the ground and came home second in 31.55.30 minutes.
Matt Loiselle of Canada stayed ten seconds behind the lead pair for most of the race, but fell back to finish in 32:23.45. Britain’s Neil Renault (32:44.52) came home fourth another 20 seconds behind Loiselle. Barbados would not be left out of the mix as local triathlete Matthew Wright clocked 33:01.80 minutes as the first Bajan home.

Speaking to members of the media after the victory, Harabarema said that he only decided to come to Barbados at the last minute. “I was not even planning to come here. I ran the Half Marathon in Fort-de-France and I won there and I heard that there is a very nice 10 K and Marathon here. So I said to myself, ‘Why not go and enjoy this race’ and that is what happened today.”


Still not decided on whether or not he was going after a second title, Harabarema said that he would be pondering his next move. “Honestly, it is very hot. If we don’t start in the early morning, I don’t know if these guys will make the half marathon. I am planning to run the marathon as well but I don’t know, it is very hot. I will think twice,” he said.


The most exciting moment of the evening came when the first three women came home. With Canada’s Lanni Marchant and Natasha Wodak leading for the entire race, they thought that they were a sure fit for the win. As they approached the finish line, they locked hands to cross together. What they did not notice is that the diminutive Tonya Nero, who shadowed them for the entire race, powered down the home stretch to edge them out in 36:36.49 minutes. Marchant (36:37.39) and Wodak (36:37.49 were left deflated by the unexpected surprise.


Linda McDowall of St. Vincent and the Grenadines clocked 38:06.49 for fourth place, while Britain’s Victoria Bruce rounded out the top-five with 40:20.38 minutes. Amanda Maximilien was the first local lady to cross the line.


Speaking to The Barbados Advocate after the run, the 28 year-old said that she saw the opening and made the most of it. “It was good. I was settling for third place. When I realised that they were going at the same pace, I just went for it.” Nothing that the conditions were hotter than she was accustomed to competing in at home, Nero said that she would be taking in the Half Marathon today and hoping for a top-three finish.


The series wraps up with the Cave Shepherd Marathon and Marathon Relay and the Fortress Half Marathon at 5:00 a.m. and the Ganzee Walk for Charity at 7:00 a.m.


Colombian Emeralds International 10 K


1st: Jean Harabarema – Martinique – 31:28.65

2nd: Stephen Tanui – Kenya – 31:55.30

3rd: Matt Loiselle – Canada – 32:23.45

4th: Matt Renault – United Kingdom - 32:44.52

5th: Matthew Wright – Barbados – 33:01.80



1st: Tonya Nero – Trinidad and Tobago – 36:36.49

2nd: Lanni Marchant – Canada – 36:37.39

3rd: Natasha Wodak – Canada – 36:37.49

4th: Kinda McDowall – St. Vincent and the Grenadines – 38:06.49

5th: Victoria Bruce – United Kingdom – 40:20.38


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