Robert Bishop moves into top five fastest times at BADD

When the curtains came down on the first round of the Barbados Association of Dragsters and Drifters one thing was clear, Robert Bishop had the fastest time and all the drivers left it out on the track at the Bushy Park Racing Circuit.

A number of classes had to be merged which called for a handicap system to be put in place at the line with the lights.
Jeremy Greenidge in his Mitsubishi Mirage turbo with nos won the 8-8.477 class defeating Kevin Griffith in the final.
In his passage to the title, Greenidge also defeated Duayne White and Anthony Mayers.

There were only two cars that managed to make it into the 6-second bracket Matthew ‘DMZ’ Forde in his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 3 and Robert Bishop in his Mitsubishi Evolution.

Bishop would eventually have the fastest time of the day with his qualifying time of 6.827 secs which placed him in the top five overall fastest times over the distance.

However Bishop did not contest the head to head and it was Forde who won the group with his fastest time of 6.921 secs without any challenge.
In the 7-second group, Jamal Batson in his Mitsubishi Mirage was the winner defeating Corey Standford in the Mitsubishi Colt in the final.
In his passage to the final Batson also defeated Steve Bruce who had problems getting a proper launch.

However in the quarter finals he go a free pass after Corey Stanford jumped the lights and David Balgobin left oil and piece of the engine on the start line.
The final group on the day was a merged group as the 8.5-9 second group went with the 9-9.5 secs and the 9.5-10 secs classes.

With the lights being sent in a handicap system, it was Ross Callender who defeated Tremaine Forde-Catwell in the final. Forde-Catwell did not get a good launch and crept off the line as Callender had already been sent off and sped to victory. (CG)

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