President of the National United Society of the Blind (NUSB), Kerry-Ann Ifill accepted the tickets and flyers for the 2018 Calypso Competition from Director of New Business Development at COT Holdings Ltd., Michael Worme.

NUSB calypso competition next month

Granville “Mr DJ” Carter will be defending his title.

Yesterday, the four-time champion alongside challengers Anna Bee, Lady Emerald, Size Two, Biggie Bear, De Phantom and Dr. Daizz drew their positions for the anticipated 2018 National United Society of the Blind (NUSB) Calypso Competition, which takes place on Saturday, October 20 at the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) Solidarity House, Harmony Hall, St Michael.

This Eighth edition of the competition dubbed “This One Fuh You”, salutes Errol “Red Man” Greenidge, the dear departed friend of NUSB, who placed third last year. Lauding the enthusiastic competitors, Coordinator, Peter Brito also noted that the show has grown from strength to strength.

“The work ethic from the calypsonians and all involved is remarkable to say the least. This group of persons in my view is among the hardest working and the most dedicated that I have ever worked with any type of show,” he expressed during the official launch held at the Barbados Council for the Disabled.

Major sponsor COT Holdings Limited (COT), has provided 400 show tickets and flyers. Director of New Business Development at COT, Michael Worme shared that he wanted to assist after a conversation with NUSB PRO, Errol Hurley.

“Mr Hurley was determined to make this competition a reality… I really wanted to help after he explained to me what the competition was about and what was required, and I told him no problem that I would help in anyway that I could.”

“It all goes to show that even though a lot of you are unable to see and have certain disabilities it doesn’t stop you from getting things done, which is very admirable,” he said.

President of NUSB, Kerry-Ann Ifill recalled that the competition got started after merely having some fun singing at a meeting.

“Then we were reminded that our talent in music didn’t just lie in performing other people’s music, but in creating, crafting, backing up and performing our own music. So, from a very humble evening of fun and folic we have come to the stage where we have had to change location from Prince Cave Hall District “A” to Solidarity House for our competition because we didn’t have enough room to accommodate our patrons,” she pointed out.

“So this year, we are once again inviting the public to come out and sample what we have to offer as calypsonians… Come enjoy some sweet soca, great fellowship and a wonderful evening,” she added.

Tickets for the show can be purchased from Barbados Council for the Disabled, CS Pharmacy for only $25. (TL)

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