Tariq Griffith, top male student who passed for Queen’s College received a special performance award from Co-ordinator of the NEOS Programme and Educator Jeff Broomes.

Students told ‘Be VIPs’

Be a VIP, a person who are driven by Values, Ideas and Principles and not someone who are driven by Positions, Things and Associations.

Educator Jeff Broomes offered this advice to the latest cohort exiting the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) Education Outreach School.

Yesterday, 30 students who sat this year’s Barbados Secondary Schools’ Entrance Examination (BSSEE) graduated from the Second Chance Academy, and its primary objective for the past four years has been providing free academic assistance to children preparing for the BSSEE and whose parents had been laid off as part of Government’s austerity measures.

“Be a VIP and enjoy your resultant happiness as you see your dreams and aspirations impacting your society as you make your inimitable difference,” he stated.

“You must have expectations and you must have your unique approaches. That is what will allow you to change yourself and your profession into new destinations…With that in mind, accept that in many cases you may not have many identifiable talents and that’s fine, but you must always inculcate tons of curiosity.”

Broomes, who is also Coordinator of the NEOS Programme told the students to get involved in the life of their new school – sports, culture and service.

He explained that such involvement widens their horizons, builds socialization skills and allows greater opportunities for them to make a difference.

The former Principal of Parkinson Memorial Secondary School also urged the graduates to be punctual and regular in attendance.

“You go to school to benefit from what is on offer there, and it cannot be found in the van stand or in the different hang out places that are so distracting to students,” he pointed out.

“There is no act that pulls children into deviance and potential crime greater than languishing in unsupervised environments. You don’t need that, neither do you need the drugs and exploitation that is the ultimate result.”

Moreover, Broomes impressed that although they will meet many people in their new environments, “Do not try to be anybody’s friend”.

“Understand who and what you are and live by the values that your parents and teachers have instilled in you,” he stressed.

“When you do this, persons of like thinking will automatically be drawn to you, and your friendships will grow in positive ways. It is through this that you will be surrounded by an acceptable circle of friends that will be respectful, encouraging and supportive of you and you of them.” (TL)

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