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Member of Parliament for St. Lucy, the Hon. Peter Phillips (left) passes on The We Gatherin’ 2020 Candle to Member of Parliament for St. Peter, the Hon. Colin Jordan, during the church service at St. Peter’s Parish Church yesterday.

St. Peter ready for We Gatherin’

he month of February belongs to St. Peter and Member of Parliament, the Hon. Colin Jordan, is calling on the country to come celebrate that parish’s heritage from coast to coast.

The Government of Barbados and the We Gatherin’ 2020 St. Peter Parish Organising Committee officially got activities under way with a church service at St. Peter’s Parish Church yesterday.

Recognising the high bar set by St. Lucy last month, Minister Jordan assured the packed congregation that St. Peter will be on par, as he accepted the 2020 candle from MP the Hon. Peter Phillips.

“We recognised that we are part of a relay. A relay that calls on people across the country to stand up, speak up and put all of our shoulders to the plough – those who live in parishes, but also those who live outside of Barbados, as well as those who are Barbadians by choice,” Minister Jordan pointed out.

“The call is for all of us to gather together, to recommit ourselves to this wonderful nation – to its growth and to its development.

“St Peter has never let down the nation and it will not do so now. In February, we will be celebrating our heritage from coast to coast – from our western coast to eastern coast, we will celebrate our heritage,” he declared, giving a taste of the activities planned, which include St. Peter’s signature event on Saturday February 15, to celebrate Speightstown and the 350th Anniversary of the Settlement of the Carolinas.

Acting Prime Minister, the Hon. Santia Bradshaw, took the opportunity to encourage Barbadians to continue to embrace the We Gatherin’ 2020 initiative, the brainchild of Prime Minister the Hon. Mia Amor Mottley, designed to reinforce Government’s mantra of building the best Barbados together.

“Back in 2018 the Hon. Prime Minister came to the country and she spoke about what would happen in 2020. She spoke about a gathering, a vision for Barbados where Barbadians would have the opportunity to recalibrate, to think about where they have come from, where they are, and certainly where they are going.”

The Acting PM said that parish by parish, community by community, church by church, school by school, Barbadians have started to mobilise, to rethink and to recalibrate, “where we are and where we want to go”.

“And I think that speaks volumes in terms of the vision of our leader as well as where we need to go as a people,” she expressed.

“I ask all of you to embrace the We Gatherin’ programme, to participate as fully as possible because it is what we do in the next couple of months that will determine for future generations what is on the horizon.”

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