Sense of hopelessness leading to societal problems: Pastor Durant

A sense of hopelessness is what is causing many of the societal problems in this nation.

Fortunately, there is hope in Jesus Christ and this is the message that Restoration Ministries would like to send to people of Britton’s Hill, said Pastor Julian Durant, the Minister in charge of Evangelism and Worship at Restoration Ministries. 
He said that “First of all our message is that there is hope in Jesus Christ and so we are inviting them to look to Him. We are living in difficult times, we are living in times when people seem to be hopeless and because of their hopelessness, we find that people are resorting to various illegal activities and so forth. So we are letting them know that Jesus Christ is their hope and that as a nation we must look to Him who is our hope.”
He continued, “We can find salvation and wholeness, but only in Jesus Christ. Our message is as well to encourage the people of Britton’s Hill and the Bonnets community.
Pastor Durant was speaking with The Barbados Advocate recently, prior to a march by over 200 persons from Restoration Ministries and Clapham Deliverance Temple House of Prayer through Bonnets, Britton’s Hill and the surrounding communities Valerie Housing Area, Villa Road and Scotts Gap as they ministered to souls, proclaiming the love of Jesus Christ for them and a hope for their future.
He stated that the praise march reflects the church motto of “Reaching people, meeting needs and changing lives” as they went out into the various communities to reach people, seeing how they can meet their needs and letting them know that there is hope in spite of the various challenges that life may throw at them from time to time.
“We would let them know that there is a better way and that there is also help for them as the church is also there to assist them in any way possible with anything that they may need.”
Led by a truck of music with persons announcing messages and dancers of Restoration Ministries, the evangelistic team took along tracts and flyers for distribution along with some food items for those in need.
“When we go to them, we access their needs and as much as possible we try to help them so we are going out there not only to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but also to share the Gospel by assisting in whatever way possible in terms of food items and also, outside of that, sometimes we come across needs of persons like those whose homes may be in deplorable conditions and so we try to assist in those areas as well.”
Pastor Durant said that they try to do this walk through the community two or three times a year and the persons participating range from children right up to persons in their 60s.
Outside of the march, they also do community work on Thursdays where a team from the church goes to assist in such as cleaning homes, doing repairs and providing food and clothing.(PTJ)

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