Proper parenting help

Many of the issues currently plaguing society come from a lack of proper parenting.

In response to this, the Family Life Commission of the Anglican Church, in collaboration with PAREDOS and the Community Development Division, have organised a series of Training Programmes titled “Parenting: An Effective Community Response”.

“We recognise that parenting is at the root of some of the problems being experienced in society and the Commission, which was set up some time ago to respond to human need by living service, is launching a ten-week programme, starting from today and ending on May 25,” said Erskine Thompson, a member of the Family Life Commission.

He outlined that parents, caregivers, babysitters and others who could benefit from such an exercise are being urged to register and take part in the workshop, which will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings at the Valley Resource Centre, St. George.

Topics to be covered include: The Barbadian Family Structure, Puberty and Adolescence – A Parental Challenge, Family Budgeting and Parental Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Discipline and Punishment, Domestic Abuse/Violence a Threat to Harmonious Life, Parenting, Religion and Spirituality, Gender and Gender Roles, Essential Parenting Strategy/Techniques, and Reproductive Health and Rights – What Parents Should Know, to name a few.

“Apart from the resources at PAREDOS, we are drawing from a fairly wide number of qualified public and private professionals to run this programme for us and we are inviting all interested persons to join us,” he told The Barbados Advocate.

While this is the first such programme for the commission, Thompson, who is the Pastoral Assistant at the All Souls Anglican Church, said it had been set up to prepare persons for marriage, strengthen the home and family life, provide training for counsellors in home and family life, liaise with the Mothers’ Union and Men’s Fellowship to strengthen their work and witness in the area of home and family life, and provide leadership training. (JMB)

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