NUPW supports call to eliminate violence against women

Gov’t urged to provide resources

The National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) Gender Affairs Committee joined with the world yesterday in celebrating International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women under the theme “Leave No one Behind.”

In a statement issued yesterday, the NUPW noted that the efforts in Barbados, through new legislation which seeks to prevent abuse coupled with national services that offer support and restitution for battered women may be the dawn of the new era of eliminating violence against women and children.

However, it was also noted that vigourous funding for efforts to end violence remains woefully insufficient.

“The NUPW Gender Affairs Committee implores the Government of Barbados to provide adequate resources that would fulfill, not only legal and moral obligations, but would be a sound investment for the future of this island.”

The trade union explained that when violence is perpetrated on women, households are impacted through the loss of income due to sick leave (uncertified and certified). The payment of medical and legal costs and businesses are impacted through loss of productivity.

“In recognition of the epic role that must be played by the trade union movement, the Committee has begun to fulfill the mandate by raising the awareness of violence against women, in Barbados and throughout the Caribbean.”

“A staggering one in three women have experienced physical violence in their lifetime- a pandemic of global proportions. Unlike an illness however, perpetrators even entire societies choose to commit violence – and therefore may choose to stop.”

It is believed that many sectors, actors and stakeholders need to be engaged in the elimination of violence. More evidence is emerging locally and globally of effective interventions which prevent all forms of violence against women.

“Community mobilization, change of social and societal norms; comprehensive school interventions (staff/student-focused); economic empowerment and income supplements in conjunction with gender equality training are tools which are being used to eliminate violence.”

“Violence against women and girls should be prevented. The NUPW Gender Affairs Committee stands ready to work in partnership with our affiliates. We as a people of this great nation Barbados should aspire for a country and world, where gender equality is a way of life and all women and girls live without the fear.”

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