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The nine young people who successfully completed the 8th Prince's Trust International Team Programme. Here they pose for a photograph with (left standing) Acting Inspector Roland Cobbler.

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Sponsor, Trevor Leacock (left) as he awarded the Most Outstanding Student to Daniel Browne.

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Catherine Taylor, Programme Manager, Caribbean Prince's Trust International, as she awarded Jaquan Gittens for being the Most Improved Student.

Nine graduate from Prince’s Trust International Team Programme

On Thursday evening, nine persons successfully completed and graduated fromthe Prince’s Trust International Team Programme.


Speaking during the graduation ceremony that took place at Accra Beach Hotel, Acting Inspector Roland Cobbler, Delivery Partner Manager expressed that they were all pleased to gather tocelebrate the achievement of these nine youngpeople.

He explained that the programme, which was delivered by the Royal Barbados Police Force in conjunction with the Prince’s Trust International, was designed to assist young people between the ages of 16 to 25 years of age that were unemployed or engaged in formal aspects of educational or vocational training and commenced September 9, 2019.

The 12-week programme, which was described by Cobbler asa pre-employment programme, supported the personal development of these young people and helped inspire them to develop new confidence and ambition.

“After completion of this 12-week programme, participants were provided with a level of support to find a job and training opportunities to further education. To assist in this aspect of their development and provide the additional support, we have embarked on a mentorship programme where our participants will be assigned a mentor who will provide with support, advice and friendship,” he said.

“This initiative provides us with additional strategies in which we can engage some of the more vulnerable members of our communities.

“In today’s society, where violence is a growing concern it is imperative that opportunities are created to assist young people in recognising that they are positive alternatives that are more rewarding than getting involved in crime and violence.”

Cobbler highlighted that as a law enforcement agency, one of their primary roles was the prevention of crime and in this regard, the Royal Barbados Police Force in partnership with various entities was committed to the process of finding alternative activities for young people who were unemployed or not engaged in academic or vocational pursuit.

“This particular group started with 15 participants and unfortunately only nine made it to the end and the reality is that although there are interventions there to try to make the difference our young people have to realise that they themselves have to want to change,” he said.

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