More stakeholders to get involved

THE Barbados Government intends to bring more stakeholders on board as it presses ahead with its Smart Barbados programme.

This plan has been announced by Rodney Taylor, who is the Director of Data Processing in the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Smart Technology.

He told one of the events during the Smart Barbados Week that the Ministry had entered a partnership with some private sector players, which was necessary and which he hoped would continue to develop.

Those currently involved in the partnership with the Ministry are the Barbados International Business Association, the Small Business Association, and the Internet Society of Barbados Chapter. “This is not an exhausted list and we have to bring other stakeholders on board because when we talked about digital transformation, it has to be a national effort,” said Taylor.

Stating that it cannot be just about Government alone, Taylor pointed out that it has to involve other partners that will change the paradigm.

“So we are very pleased with the relationships that we have had a good journey coming to this point,” according to him.

The Smart Barbados Week attracted a number of high-profile persons, including some from Canada and Estonia.

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