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Principal Maria Benn presenting the Principal’s Award to Rhys Gill.

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Savannah Boyce was the recipient of the inaugural Blades Trophies: Reach for the Stars Award for the extra effort exerted despite all she faced this year. General Manager at Blades Trophies, Cherane Harvey-Read, presented her with the award.

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ach class was charged to vote for the student who best exemplified admirable qualities and the Spirit of the Class Award went to (left to right) David Simmons, Simone Ellis, Shania Duke and Nia Codrington.

Luther Thorne Class 4s say their goodbyes

Although they are yet to sit the Barbados Secondary Schools’ Entrance Examination, the Class 4 students of Luther Thorne Memorial School said their goodbyes to staff and faculty members as they were celebrated during their Farewell Ceremony. Just days away from the exam, which is set for this coming Tuesday, all 86 students were honoured and toasted as parents, guardians and family members beamed with pride.

With the school’s administrators forced to take a different approach to the ceremony after the original plans for the graduation were doused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the proceedings were held on the school’s lawn with all attendees taking the recommended protocols to heart.

During her address, Principal Maria Benn noted that she was proud to have watched each of the graduands grow since coming into the school in Reception and wished them the best as they get themselves ready for the next stage in life. Stating that they were bound for the foreign lands of secondary school, Principal Benn urged them to make the most of the experiences they would gain as they go through secondary school.

“I ask you to make the coming years even better than the primary years. Remember that you don’t have to follow the crowd. Do the right thing even if no one is looking. Study hard and remember that you are investing in yourselves with every test you take and with every book you read,” she said.

Going on to drop even more wisdom by asking the students not to be in too big a hurry to grow up while urging the parents to allow them to be children and enjoy childhood, Benn asked them to do their best on Tuesday’s exam and anything they took on in life.

“Always hold before you the words of our school’s motto, ‘Strive always for excellence’. Excellence is not an abstract idea. Excellence is a way of life and once you strive for excellence, you will have your passport to success, your passport to excellence.”

The featured speaker, Rev. Dr. Adrian Smith, gave an inspiring address in which he gave the students the ABCs of attaining their own passport to success. Impressing upon them the importance of having the right ‘Attitude’, ‘Belief’ in self and others, and ‘Commitment’. Dr. Smith, who leads the Calvary Moravian and Grace Hill Moravian Churches, concluded his stirring session by encouraging the youngsters to remember to hold those three tenets dear through all of life.

“I want to say to you Class 4s, your passport to success is tied into your dreams, your belief, your attitude and your commitment to being all you can be, all that God wants you to be. There is a purpose for your life, there is a destiny that God has in store for you. And I pray this morning, on this farewell occasion, you remember the ABC,” he said. (MP)

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