Chairman of the Louis A. Lynch Foundation, Emerson Graham, as he delivered a few remarks.

Members of the Louis A. Lynch Foundation as they gathered for the 25th annual lecture.

Lecture series reaches 25 years

THE Louis A. Lynch Foundation has officially reached 25 years of existence and the Chairman of the Foundation, Emerson Graham, has expressed that he was incredibly proud that the Board of Trustees of the Foundation was successful in keeping its late principal’s legacy alive by presenting a high calibre of educational lectures over the years.

The Chairman delivered a few remarks during the 25th lecture series, which was held at the Frank Collymore Hall on Tuesday night, where guest speaker, Robert ‘Bobby’ Morris, spoke on the topic ‘Republican Status and the Post-Colonial Agenda’. Graham noted that the lecturers were drawn from among Barbados’ most outstanding and distinguished scholars.

He proudly noted that he was there from the very first lecture and attended every lecture after that.

Over the years, they would have lost some colleagues along the way, and Graham believed that it was important to mention Marjorie Lynch, the wife of Louis A. Lynch.

“When we discussed the idea of a lecture series, she embraced it and did not miss a single lecture until she was physically incapable of doing so,” he said.

“I go further to say that the Lynch family was represented at every lecture; and so, on behalf of the Louis A. Lynch Foundation, I want to say thank you for the support given over the years.”

He also specially thanked the Central Bank and the Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited as the Foundation would not have been able to reach this milestone without their sponsorship and support.

“I also need to thank the Central Bank and the Insurance Corporation of Barbados. Except for one lecture, the annual lecture was held here at the Central Bank and for many years, the Insurance Corporation of Barbados sponsored the lectures,” he said.

“Unfortunately, during the last few years that sponsorship came to an end, but we hope that the Corporation will soon come back on board.”

He also believed it was important to thank the Modern High School Old Scholars Association, being the parent body to the Louis A. Lynch Foundation. Graham proudly noted that the Association never left them to fend for themselves.

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