Joshua Brathwaite, right, receives his scroll from Natasha Reid, a former Head Girl of the Deighton Griffith School.

Executive Director of the TVET Council, Henderson Eastmond, delivered the feature address.

job market Changing

Within a decade, 65 per cent of the jobs persons are currently pursuing studies to secure will not exist.

That is according to Executive Director of the TVET Council, Henderson Eastmond, while noting that rapid technological change is shifting the skill requirements for the majority of jobs. Highlighting that stark reality as he delivered the feature address at the Deighton Griffith School Graduation Ceremony on Saturday evening in the school auditorium, Eastmond put in a plug for more persons to acquire technical and vocational skills going forward.

His comments concerning the need to diversify the job market, came as he noted that in a number of cases, the medical field for example, it is fast becoming saturated. Contending then that the future lies with technical and vocational training, he urged the graduands not to be afraid to get a technical skill even if they have academic training.

“Do not look down on any kind of training. Some of us who in the academic world marvel at the kind of money technical people make,” he told the graduands present.

Eastmond, using physical therapy and massage therapy as examples, contended that there is money to be made in such jobs and he urged them to do the necessary research to see if there is an area that interests them.

“Research the areas, try to know what is going on, don’t put down any kind of work. You get an academic certification and along with it seek a technical qualification; it will come in handy. With the changes in technology, keep up to date. [That is] what the fancy people call life-long learning – keep yourself current. The world is not a kind place when changes take place. If you are no help to me; you cannot make any money for me in my place, I will pay you out at the cheapest, get rid of you and bring somebody else who knows the business,” he said as he warned the graduands of the possibilities that lie ahead.

The TVET Council head’s remarks came as he offered the students some tips for their life after secondary school, as they prepare to further their studies and eventually enter the job market. Noting the need to focus on all aspects of their health, including spiritual and mental health, he told them it was equally important to pay attention to their emotional and social competence, as such would assist in ensuring their success in their studies and job pursuits.

Moreover, he told the over 100 students present, that with the freedom that comes as they enter adulthood, also comes responsibility. He made the point while reminding them that in the pursuit of higher education, no one will breathe down their neck to get their work done; if they fail to produce and attend classes, they will fail the course. (JRT)

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