Inniss: Indiscipline must be addressed


STOP making excuses for the level of indiscipline in Barbados.
So said outspoken Member of Parliament for St. James South, Donville Inniss as he joined the debate in the Lower House on Tuesday on a resolution to approve a compulsory acquisition of parcels of land, for the improvement of the road infrastructure under the Warrens Traffic Safety Improvement Project.
Inniss expressed concern about the behaviour of PSV operators on the road, and the fact that they are not suspended, nor are their licenses revoked when they commit offences. 
He suggested that the penalties being meted out need to be reassessed and the owners should be held to greater account for what is happening with their vehicles on the road.
Inniss also came down on the coconut vendors on the highway – some of whom do not remove the coconut shells in a timely manner. He said, while there is always the cry of the poor black man being disadvantaged – the health risks are too great for this to continue.If allowed to sell, it is their duty to remove the coconut shells immediately. If not removed the same day, they should be banned, the Minister 
It is against this backdrop that the Minister highlighted the recent work by Environmental Health Officers who brought an illegal dumper to account in Christie Village, St. Thomas.
He said the message must go out that illegal dumping will not be tolerated in Barbados. 
The Minister told the Lower Chamber that the person who was caught in the act, attempted to dump one load, but had to clean up the entire area, or 11 loads, on the instruction of the public health officials.
The Industry Minister said the bigger picture is that the dumping could have an impact on the island’s water supply, as well as create breeding sites for rodents and mosquitoes. 
He encouraged them to continue their work without fear or favour.
Minister Inniss also expressed concern about persons who continue to park vehicles on public spaces to advertise them for sale or rent. He lamented that there is an area in the vicinity of the Garfield Sobers 
roundabout which now resembles a used car lot. 
He said any issue that slows down traffic or creates a bottleneck ought to be addressed immediately for the safety of Barbadians. (JH)

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