Inniss: Don’t delay Republic move


If Member of Parliament (MP) Donville Inniss has his way, Barbados will be switching from a monarchical system of government to Republican status.
“My view is that it is not a matter that we should delay,” he told his constituents during a recent branch meeting.
“The Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party are at one on this. Both political parties have indicated their commitment towards Barbados becoming a republic.
“Why we haven’t moved forward is perhaps a question reserved for others, but I don’t believe it is a matter that would cost the state any significant sums. I believe firmly that there are advantages to us as a nation – feeling in control of your own destiny as opposed to the Queen in England being pretty much in charge… I just think it’s the right thing that we have to do,” he noted.
Inniss told his constituents that he would hate to leave politics and not have that journey completed, whereby the Queen’s representative, the Governor General, be replaced by a President as a “ceremonial figure”.
He also revealed that he has impressed upon the Prime Minister that “it is a matter that we must be bold enough to bring to Parliament; have the constitution amendments made and go from there”.

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