Dr. David Durant, the leader of Restoration Ministries taking part in a powerful prayer session during the Eagle Apostolic Conference.

God is in charge

Shouts of praise and jubilation filled the walls of Restoration Ministries on Grand Kadooment Day as the Eagle Apostolic Conference went into its last day.

The session, which was entitled ‘I Beheld Satan as Lightning Fall From Heaven’, was led by Apostle Lesta James, who urged persons to remember that Jesus is the Lion of Judah and therefore his brothers and sisters possessed such DNA and should not be living in fear.

“You are limiting who you are, because you are only looking at the strength of your enemy. Within you is what it takes to take territory from the enemy. You have the DNA of a lion. Let the Devil know you will not get me,” he stated.

James also told the congregation that whatever they were going through God was in the midst, while using Moses’ story as an example, where he was brought from a place of danger and into the home of the enemy to bring it down from the inside.

“God protects destiny and purpose,” he added, insisting that it was time to come out of comfort zones to fulfil these.

Speaking on the fourth day of the conference, he also encouraged the group to pray for one another.

“We are supposed to help and pray for one another and intercede on our brothers’ behalf and pray for a breakthrough for them,” James said.
During the service, a prayer of intercession was made for the country, which was said to be in a “dark season”.

The congregation was reminded that the power of God is what changes situations and that it was not the pastors who had to pray unceasingly for the island, but for all believers to do so to help put it back on the correct footing, spiritually, socially and economically. (JMB)

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