Funds being collected for Lions Eye Care Centre equipment


Starting from the month of October, 2016 and running right through to March, 2017, the Lions Club of Barbados South would be collecting funds which they hope would go towards purchasing a needed piece of equipment for the Lions Eye Care Centre at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (Q.E.H.).
This is coming from the Chairpersons of the Public Service and Health Committee at Lions Club of Barbados South, Corlis Weekes-Grazette who spoke with The Barbados Advocate recently.
She said that whether they donate fully towards the equipment or in part would depend on a variety of factors such as how much money they are able to collect during this time period and how much the actual equipment costs.
Weekes-Grazette also stated that they would contact the department after they have completed their collection drive next year to find out exactly what equipment is necessary and they would make the arrangements from there.
As a result, persons in this country can expect to see members of the Lions Club going around the island collecting these funds in tins that are marked, ‘Lions Conquering Blindness: Sight First’ as this project is a part of the efforts from the Barbadian end to contribute towards the mission of Lions International which is celebrating 100 years of existence and have chosen to conquer blindness as their project to mark this historic occasion, she said.
The Lions South is also looking at seeing how they can place these tins in high traffic places such as gas stations and banks. Meanwhile, they have received expressions of interest from organizations and individuals out there who have heard about this project and want to lend a helping hand.
They are also looking to partner with other organizations such as the Diabetes Association of Barbados (DAB), recognizing that chronic non-communicable di-seases (CNCDs) such as diabetes can play a major role in causing blindness, said Weekes-Grazette.
She said that she is also considering having a special colour dedicated to this cause just like how you have pink for breast cancer awareness and making and distributing ribbons in this colour every time someone donates money in one of these tins.
In addition, given the fact that they are planning on having multiple collection points across the island, she is thinking of bringing persons on board that can help with collecting these tins from the various places when they are full, emptying them and taking them back as well as treasurers who would be responsible for counting the monies, said the Chairperson. In March, 2017, the Lions members  will culminate their collection drive by participating in a walk; the exact details of which would be worked out later.

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