Fish Vendor, ‘Redman’, busy at work on Wednesday while his customers wait patiently.

Fish tradition holds strong


FISH was the order of the day as Barbadians flocked to the Berinda Cox and Bridgetown Fish Markets on Wednesday and Thursday to continue the local tradition of eating fish during the Easter weekend.
Hundreds of Barbadians flocked to these facilities, causing traffic in Oistins and on the Princess Alice highway to snarl at some times.
“The season is going okay for now,” said vendor ‘Redman’, who was deftly skinning dolphin, while a long line of customers waited patiently to give their orders on Wednesday evening.
“We are getting more people coming in now and it will probably be even higher tonight and tomorrow,” he continued.
One other vendor highlighted that the season had been slower than last year’s, but was holding out hope that sales would pick up.
“Since last week a little more people were trickling in, but compared to years before, the numbers are low,” she stated.
The popular fish were dolphin and marlin, which cost $8.50 and $8 per pound respectively, with smaller numbers desiring shark, tuna, kingfish and swordfish. These retailed at $7, $8, $8 and $8.50 per pound respectively.
However, several vendors noted that many customers were staying away from flying fish, due to the cost of $25 for 10.
“It is too expensive!” said customer Glenda Brathwaite. “I love to cook flying fish and cou cou on Good Friday, but it will have to be with dolphin this time around.”
A similar sentiment came from Owen Giles as he made do with several pounds of marlin. “No flying fish for me. That price hot.” 
In the City, one vendor named ‘Charlie’ ran from one vehicle to another seeking to take orders. 
“I like to move the traffic along,” he said, noting that sales were good so far. 
Though not gripping as much focus as fish, Barbadians were also looking to place vegetables on their plates as one vendor pointed out that lettuce, carrots and cucumbers were in high demand. (JMB)

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