DLP makes its case

The Democratic Labour Party has made their stance known on what they term as ‘uneven handling’ by the Government of developments surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. In a statement that was released to the media recently, Spokesperson on Labour Courie Cox aired his grievances.

Drawing reference to the recent announcement for the payment of hazard pay for frontline workers, Cox called it unreasonable that what he saw as disparities existed.

“The Democratic Labour Party is pleased to learn that the hazard allowances for frontliners announced months ago will be paid next month. We are thankful for the social media outcry. Barbadians were unaware that the promise had not been fulfilled until the information was shared online. But the situation once again brought into the glaring unevenness in handling of ordinary citizens compared with the treatment of the privileged in the Barbados COVID-19 response,” the statement read.

Going on to ask how the Prime Minister was able to secure the money and means to compensate visitors for their decision to travel during a pandemic but unable to find the means to compensate frontline workers, Cox said that it was unfair as these men and women sacrificed spending time with their families in order to satisfy the additional work required of them.

Calling the current administration one that was big on promises and speeches and very limited on delivery, Cox said that the efforts of those of the frontline should not be forgotten or belittled.

“The sudden and rapid increase in positive COVID cases that we have seen recently, this has resulted in extended duties for some of these workers. Some are at bus stops late at night waiting on public transport; thereby putting their own personal safety at risk. Some are sleeping on their couches or makeshift beds on the ground at home just to ensure that they protect their families and keep them safe. These sacrifices are the ones that can no longer continue to be disrespected with broken promises repeatedly,” he said. (MP)

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