DLP St. Michael North candidate Kim Tudor.

DLP building ‘ladders of opportunity’

Barbadians are being reminded that they have all benefitted in some way from the “ladders of opportunity” initiated by the Democratic Labour Party (DLP).

In fact, economic dignity, according to political hopeful Kim Tudor, has been the focus and will continue to be the focus of the Freundel Stuart Administration.

“Economic dignity is about creating an environment of economic opportunity, where every citizen has access to ladders of opportunity to achieve their legitimate dreams and aspirations. Ladders of upward mobility that we can all achieve our dreams without sacrificing national, moral values and without sacrificing our distinctive culture,” she explained during the DLP Joint Branch Meeting, held at Eden Lodge Primary School on Sunday night.

“I certainly have benefitted from the ladder of opportunity that the Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow has created. I have benefitted from the ladder of free primary, secondary and tertiary education just like other Barbadians. We have all benefitted from the ladder of health care; the ladder of economic prosperity, the employment rights bill… and a lot of people would have benefitted from the ladder of housing – such as persons from Eden Lodge. I could go on and on about the ladders the DLP have created, is creating and wishes to create.”

While the St. Michael North Candidate will be revealing plans for that constituency on a later date, she however pledged to make a difference. Tudor, who is best known as CEO of the National Initiative for Service Excellence (NISE) is responsible for leading the charge in Barbados to create a national culture focused on providing service excellence.

“I have quite a bit of things planned for St Michael North... What we will do in St. Michael North is a combination of what I want to see, but more importantly what the constituents want to see. Helping them realise their dreams and so forth,” she stressed.

“The DLP has always been building those ladders of opportunity and I am determined that I will never kick down that ladder. I am determined to work with this government to ensure that we strengthen the existing ladders and that we create new ladders that people can rise.” (TL)

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