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President of the Democratic Labour Party, Verla DePeiza.

DePeiza preaches paradigm shift

It has been a hard road traveled for Barbados and Barbadians of all walks of life over the last four weeks and as things continue to evolve regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, President of the Democratic Labour Party, Verla DePeiza is calling for a paradigm shift.

In a short address to Barbadians from her home via Facebook yesterday, DePeiza put the idea on the table of changing the way the Barbados economic engine is fueled. Remembering past administrations, the president said that it was something thought of before but never done.

“Successive administrations have contemplated it but this is an ideal experience to catapult policy makers into swift recalibrating of our economic engine,” stated the president.

DePeiza explained that these next few months were key, not just in dealing with COVID-19, but also regarding the recovery time frame. She said that she believed that this period should be used to think about creative ways for Barbados to rebuild when it emerges on the other side as the current strategy has been shown up.
“Think of ways to break our overwhelming dependency on other countries for our basic needs. Everyone can see clearly now that this is not a sustainable survival model.”

DePeiza lauded the resilience of Barbadians, saying that the island has always pulled together and been their “brother’s keeper” in times of need. She encouraged those who were able to, to look in on the elderly and others who had been in need even before COVID-19 appeared. The president asked persons who were traveling to the village shops to add a couple more items to their shopping lists, to bless others in the community who needed help.

Speaking directly to corporate Barbados, the leader of the Democratic Labour Party, asked them to show restraint and compassion during these tough times.
“For instance the supermarkets can donate produce to shelters, group homes and quarantine and isolation centres,” said DePeiza. (AS)

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