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Little Zen-grey Belgrave getting his free check-up from Dentist, Dr. Ramon Harvey, last Saturday in the Carlton Supermarket car park in Black Rock.

Colgate gives free community screenings


Barbadians are brushing their teeth. However, the challenge is that they are not brushing their teeth correctly.
This comment was made by Colgate Palmolive Brand Manager of Massy Distribution Limited, Faye Best, who added despite this, the overall oral health of Barbadians are “not that bad”. She 
explained that there is a specific and effective technique to brushing one’s teeth which is not being used. 
Ms. Best spoke to The Barbados Advocate while the company was conducting screenings in Carlton Supermarket car park, Black Rock, St. Michael. This month is Colgate Oral Health Month and Massy goes to various locations giving free dental screenings every Saturday. The company used this opportunity to thank their customers for their support and get feedback on the Colgate products.
So far, Colgate has visited Bridgetown (Jubilee Gardens), Black Rock (Carlton Supermarket) and they will visit Sky Mall and Sheraton Mall in the coming weeks. According to Ms. Best, they have partnered with the Barbados Dental Association and Barbados Government Dental Services where professionals come out and offer their services free of cost. 
Last Saturday, Dr. Ramon Harvey was the dentist on duty to perform the screenings to customers until 2 p.m. After the screening, customers are given a brief report on their teeth and they are given the option to see the dentist for a full check-up or visit their regular dentist for further advice. 
In addition, Ms. Best mentioned that Colgate with the respective dental agencies also visit primary schools with the programme called “Bright Smiles, Bright Future”. The aim of the programme is to provide oral hygiene education to Class 1 students.
“We are trying to cement the information from very early. If you take care of your teeth at that tender age, by the time you are grown chances are you will have minimum problems, if any,” said Ms. Best.

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