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Home Affairs Minister, Edmund Hinkson, making a presentation to Zahir Smith, who will be taking Tuesday’s Common Entrance Examination.

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Labour Minister, Colin Jordan, making a presentation to Abigail Scantlebury, who will be taking Tuesday’s Common Entrance Examination.

Class 4s told to do their best

THE Class 4s of the Gordon Greenidge Primary School have been encouraged to give of their best in Tuesday’s Barbados Secondary Schools’ Entrance Examination (BSSEE).

This advice came from Labour Minister, Colin Jordan and Home Affairs Minister, Edmund Hinkson, who jointly visited the Rock Dundo, St. James school yesterday. Following the motivational talks, students received stationery kits to ensure they are ready for the upcoming 11-Plus exam.

In his remarks, Jordan reminded pupils the test is one in a series of examinations they will have to take throughout the course of their life. He also asked them to give their best and to view the exam as part of the “growing up process, part of what will make you a good woman or a good man, a good person, a good citizen of the world”.

“On Tuesday, you have a test; at the end of first form, you will have another one; at the end of second form, you will have another one; [and] you will have tests all throughout life.”

He added, “On Tuesday, do your best. Do your best not just for those around you, but do your best for you. See life as continuous improvement, so that if there were areas that you did not do well on before, as you go forward make the decision in your mind that you are going to do better. Life is about improving.”

Echoing similar remarks, Hinkson too reminded the Class 4s that although the BSSEE is a very important aspect of their life, it is “but one aspect of your life in terms of the tests and examinations you go through”.

He encouraged them to say a prayer ahead of the test asking God for help, not to be busy cramming work leading up to the big day, to get adequate rest the night prior and to have a very good breakfast before leaving home to go to the examination centre.

He further told them to “read the questions well, focus. Don’t let your parents or grandparents get you nervous; sometimes they are more nervous than you most of the time, that is the truth”.

Friday was the last day of four weeks of face-to-face interaction with the Class 4s ahead of the July 14 Common Entrance Exam. Prior to this, students attended classes through online platforms. This year’s BSSEE was originally supposed to be on May 5, however it was postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. (MG)

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