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Sir Henry Fraser is calling for drastic behavioural change in order to arrest the prevalence of chronic diseases.

Change in behaviour needed


Medical research being taken more seriously in Barbados and in order to make a turnaround in the health status of Barbadians, steps need to be taken, at all levels, to encourage behavioural change in fight against chronic diseases.
This point was made by Senator Professor Emeritus Sir Henry Fraser during his presentation on Healthcare Delivery, Chronic Diseases and Barbados of the Future. The event, which was held at the Almond Bay Conference Centre, Hastings, Christ Church, formed part of the Democratic Labour Party’s lecture series on Wednesday evening to commemorate the 50th year of Independence of Barbados. 
Taking this a little further, Sir Henry opted to start from the past and traverse to the future. Fraser stated that 300 years ago, healthcare was grossly lacking and absent on the island. This was the result of there being few doctors around, therefore, slaves and plantation owners often turned to plants, many of which came to the Caribbean with the slave trade, for their illnesses. Aloe was among these popular plants and was used for swelling, nausea and to cure stomach aches.


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