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Head of Global Markets at BTMI, Petra Roach.

Brand repositioning effort for Destination Barbados

The Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI) is currently undergoing a brand repositioning effort for Destination Barbados which seeks to reintroduce the island to the external markets.

Head of Global Markets at BTMI, Petra Roach said that the re-entry campaign will be launched across all current source markets with the added expectation of attracting attention from untapped markets.

“This launch campaign slated for the end of September/early October has not been done in a silo, but rather has integrated insights from players in the tourism sector; across hotels, attractions and the various associated ministries and sectors.”

She made the reveal during the recently held interCaribbean Breakfast Event at The Abidah by Accra Hotel.

“As such, we are confident that this campaign will reflect who we are collectively as a Barbadian people, and our combined goal of revitalising the industry and ensuring that the destination remains competitive.”

Roach also disclosed to local tourism stakeholders that emerging from re-entry efforts will be the refresh of the destination website. A portal that supports the new destination rebrand, which includes new imagery, new fonts, and new visuals.

“Providing and enhancing the representation of authentic Barbados – all products that represent Barbados, be it sustainable tourism, community tourism, and wellness. These products are being brought to the forefront, either on the homepage, or having their own dedicated space. Cultural attributes will be highlighted to ensure that Barbadiana is aptly represented across the site; whether it be the traditional cultural elements such as the tuk-band, arts, music...

“The site will also ensure that there is true representation of our people. Faces of Barbadians – be it a recognisable artist, musician, or sports athlete, or a familiar Barbadian personality. Lastly, we are ensuring that we position the destination’s primary digital portal as a revenue generator – not just to the local advertisers but to the wider region, as well as internationally. This is a significant opportunity that we have already started to build out the framework to capitalise on,” she outlined.

“So, though tourism activity at our ports may have slowed, we have certainly been best ensuring that we don’t lose our coveted position as one of the world’s most celebrated travel destinations,” Roach further expressed.    


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