Paul Rollins, Campaign Manager of the Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM), looking on as BIM’s Political Leader and St. Michael West candidate, Neil Holder, highlights some of the problems.

BIM looks to invest in the people of Barbados

Going forward, the Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM) assures that they plan to invest in the people of Barbados should they get into power.

This was revealed by Political Leader of BIM and St. Michael West candidate, Neil Holder, during a press briefing that was held at BNB Bar yesterday morning. Holder directed his attention to his constituency and assured that there were plans in place for BIM to invest in the people of St. Michael West.

“We want to go towards entrepreneurial development and also the development of cottage industries,” he said.

“There are a lot of skilled people who can make a variety of products that once we have the requisite funding, will be able to bring these products to the market. So one of the things that we will be able to look at would be to ensure that we bring those potentials into a cottage industry.”

He noted that they were also looking to establish proper playing fields throughout the constituency, adding that elderly care facilitation was also among their plans and a priority for them.

While he believed that having Rihanna Drive was a commendable decision based on the number of tourists that visited the area daily, he was ashamed of the fact that the Government did not do more to clean up the areas surrounding Rihanna Drive.

Government had pointed out that it would have been smarter to either have local artists paint murals of Rihanna on the decrepit walls or rename the stretch of Spring Garden to Rihanna Boulevard, so that the experience for tourists was not a mere two minutes.

Should BIM be elected, Holder expressed that they would do their utmost best to ensure that Barbados is returned to its former glory.

“I say to you, the people of Barbados, that the Barbados Integrity Movement is going to bring Barbados back to that place where we as Barbadians were proud to see her. We are going to lift Barbados out of the dirt and bring dignity back to her. We’re going to have pride because our industry is functioning and functioning well,” he said.

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