BUSINESS MONDAY: Barbadians urged to up their game

Despite its small size, Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Amor Mottley believes that the island had an important role to play in the global market.

Mottley stated this while delivering remarks during the recent reopening of The Palm Terrace Restaurant at Fairmont Royal Pavilion.

She stated that Barbados may be small but “we are necessary” and likened the island’s smallness to that of the smallest bone in the human body, which was located in the ear.

The Prime Minister went on to state that she was of the firm view that even though “improving productivity in this nation” may seem like a fancy economic term for most people, through improving who we were as a people, we would make the island, and the world by extension, a better place for the young people who depend on us.

She believed that one way to do this was to treat people first with respect and understand that respect was a two way street, adding that it was important that persons learned to talk with each other and not at each other.

She believed that it was paramount for persons to learn the importance of moving in the same direction, adding that the sooner persons learned that every single person mattered, rather than taking the “hierarchal approach that has been the legacy of the plantation system”, then anything was possible.

“My friends, we can truly become that country, that small nation in the world that is not just world class but is the envy of many,” she said.

“If we consider that we have the capacity to ask ourselves ‘are we doing our best or can we do better?’ More often than not we can do better.”

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