Business leaders must adapt and evolve to thrive beyond the crisis

AS Barbados and the rest of the region continues to grapple with the rigors of the new normal brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is necessary for business leaders to adapt and evolve their thinking, if businesses are to survive and thrive beyond the current crisis.

Acknowledging the above, under the theme, “Executive Mindset: Evolved Thinking for Business Leaders”, the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) recently hosted its flagship annual digital event, with a renewed focus on some of the key pillars of digital transformation.

Mrs. Misha Lobban Clarke, Executive Director remarked, “The BCCI is excited to bring together both local and international experts, who will share their insights and expertise in the area of business innovation and transformation. The event will be spearheaded by the Digital Society Committee, as part of the Chamber’s commitment to provide relevant and timely information that can help our members and the wider business community to shape the digital roadmaps being considered for their respective businesses. We are truly pleased to champion such important topics in what continues to be a complex and rigorous business environment.”

It was further noted that this year’s conference was tailored to provide the business community with practical knowledge and insights that could help to transform the thinking of local business leaders, as they move with urgency to design customer solutions that allow their businesses to pivot in a digital-first era.

With the understanding that “technology does not innovate, people do”, this year’s Virtual Digital Conference also sought to highlight the need for outside-the-box thinking to position businesses for success and for businesses to survive in this new era. Participants had the opportunity to explore evolving and practical solutions that can create a more seamless e-commerce experience, while learning more about new and evolving digital strategies that can help them to thrive in the new normal.

Featured speakers included Mr. Calum Cameron, CEO Digital Path, Estonia, who leads experiments for the Government innovation lab, Accelerate Estonia. He delved into evolving digital strategies for the new normal. Mr. Leslie Lee Fook, Director AI, Automation & Analytics, Incus Services, meanwhile shared key insights on the use of data analytics in understanding consumer behaviour and online services adoption.

Other speakers included Senator, the Hon. Kay McConney, Minister of Innovation, Science & Smart Technology (MIST) and BCCI President, Mrs. Trisha Tannis.

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