Tridents struggle at Culloden

Both Combined Schools Tridents teams played hard but went down on Monday at Culloden Road by over thirty points in the Barbados Amateur Basketball Association First Division League competition.

Trident B took on the Police Sports Club and were defeated 89-57. The school boys were never in it after being down 10 at the end of the first (21-11) and 19 by halftime (44-25). With Andre Stoute in the lineup for Police the physicality of the game turned up. Police on a whole were just too big for the youngsters to handle.

The end of the third period was more of the same, except it was worse, as Police extended the lead to 68-33 with a 24 point quarter. The final whistle was a blessing even though by that point the school boys had started to run the ball more and had their best quarter score of 23 which was sorely too late. Stoute tallied 22 points for the game high honors with Kirk Holder and Jamario Clarke adding 12 and 11 respectively in the win. Brandon Ruck top scored with 14 for Combined Schools and Carl Thorpe put up 13. It was the first loss in 4 games of the Tridents B and they will be sure to rebound stronger in their next matchup.

Tridents A unfortunately have not had a good season to talk about like their counterparts and the 78-47 drubbing was salt on the wounds. Without a win for the season, the team was hoping Carrington Construction Challengers would be their first. It was not meant to be. The home team exploded out the blocks to a 27-14 lead after the first 10 minutes and kept striding away from Tridents without any remorse. They put up another 29 points begore halftime to go into the break up already by 20, 56-36.

The afterburners came on in the second half and both sides matched each other point for point with 9 apiece. For the Tridents it was a good thing and the hope was to cut into the lead in the final period of the game. Again it was wishful thinking. So much so that Tridents scored one single basket for 2 points in the fourth. Challengers had a poor quarter as well but managed 13 points to take the final deficit to 31.

Today Harrison College the Patriots will take on the Bato Laba Bears at 6.30 p.m. and the Checker Hall will face the undefeated home side Kolij Lions at 8. Playing at Culloden it will be Pharmaceutical Plus Mayhill against City United Celtics for the first game and at 8, Carrington Construction Challengers have the Spartans. (AS)

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