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 From left (sitting)Principal of St. Leonard's Secondary School Joseph Maynard, Head of Sports of St. Leonard's Michael Franklyn, President of the Road Tennis Association Errol Edwards, Organiser of the Tournament Roland Jones. (Standing from left) Director of Fairfield foods Sinclair Bowen, Antonio 'Lil Man' Small and Julian 'Michael Jackson' White.

Thunder Rhodes Tournament underway


The inaugural Thunder Rhodes Road Tennis secondary Schools tournament is to promote road tennis within the schools with the vision that it would cause the sport to grow even more outside of the schools and inside the communities.
The tournament serves off on Monday June 13th at 10:00am with an opening ceremony and will continue for two weeks at the St. Leonard’s School. Many secondary schools will be in attendance with both males and females taking part in the tournament but due to exams, some schools will be unable to attend. The largest contingent so far expected will be fifty students from one school alone. The majority of the tournament will be in the shot-gun format with the semi-finals and finals to be played as two best of three.
Fairfield Foods represented at the media launch by the Directors, Sinclair Bowen who are the distributors for JU-C were happy to work in conjunction with the Thunder Rhodes organisation to promote Road Tennis in Barbados. JU-C will be sponsoring the tournament by providing the trophies, medals as well as the cash prizes including the $500 top prize.  
Roland Jones, the Co-ordinator of the Thunder Rhodes League expressed thanks to the Principal of the St. Leonard’s School, Joseph Maynard for being so kind as to allow the tournament to be held at the school. Maynard said he was very happy to accept the request made as the school had held road tennis competitions the term before with great success. He lauded the efforts of his Physical Education staff for the organisation and efforts made to promote the sport in the school and also produce some very good players. He wanted to thank Michael Franklyn for his efforts and also the road tennis team for working with the Thunder Rhodes organisation and stated that it was his hope that the school do very well in the competition. Maynard also said that he remembered his childhood where road tennis was played till late on evenings and that he would like to see the sport come back to where it was in those times.
The President of the Road Tennis Association Errol Edwards was in attendance and said that the association was giving its full support to the venture. Antonio ‘Lil Man’ Daniel and Julian ‘Michael Jackson’ White will face off in an exhibition match which according the Jones will be the most exciting match ever seen on the new St. Leonard’s courts. Daniel and White both were in agreement with that statement with White stating that he was considered one of the best defending players and will be coming up against one of the most attacking players in the island. Both players were proud to be involved and saw the tournament as important to produce players who not only would grow to replace themselves as they got older but also to represent  Barbados in the Caribbean and internationally. (AS)

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