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From left: Sandra Greenidge, Director of Constituency Empowerment, Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Community Development Steven Blackett and Track and Field Technical Co-ordinator Mac Fingall.

Support the Senior Games

Whether athlete or supporter, it is the vision of the Ministry of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Community Development and the co-ordinators of the 2018 National Senior Games that all come out and support the many days of sporting and healthy fun.

With over nine sporting disciplines this year’s edition of the National Senior Games promises to be one for all ages. Those participating in the actual sports have to be 40 years or above but support is wanted from all ages as families are invited to come out and have fun watching those who may be further in age than many but still are living a healthy and active life.

It is an example which Mac Fingal, co-ordinator of the Senior Games Athletics which is slated for May 21 at the National Stadium on Whit Monday, would like to see spread throughout the country. While commenting about a new initiative to encourage those who may not feel they have a chance to win any races at the games, Fingal expressed his concern about the certain mindsets in Barbados.

“It is sad to see that many people wait until late in life to eat the way they should have been eating all along,” he pointed out.

Speaking at the launch of the game at the National Stadium yesterday, he was trying to convey that exercise was not a bad thing and neither was sweating for that matter and that it was a positive bodily function which helped with keeping the body working as it should. The popular entertainer also explained that though pain may be involved, pain is necessary. It is a necessary and natural feeling and if it was non-existent we would not know something was wrong or where to locate it to work on it.

Highlighting the race coined “Dey ain got a chance” which is a newly added event where those who believe they are too overweight to run or compete against the fitter more active competitors, can come and be a part of the games. Being very passionate about health and being active in life, the former athletics coach stated that we must find ways to make the games interesting and to explain the benefits in a way that all will feel drawn to participate or to just change their lives for the better. Also mentioned were the special prizes for those in attendance supporting and encouraging the athletes.

Steven Blackett, Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Community Development lauded the efforts of the organising backbone of the games. He also thanked those seniors who have been participating year after year for being an inspiration to the youth and their own peers. The Minister announced that road tennis, lawn tennis, table tennis, cycling, dominoes, netball, archery, basketball, road race and track and field were slated to be part of the games this year from as early as April 6.
The dates and times and fixtures will be made available at a later date. (AS)

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