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The victorious Summit Asset Management team posing with their trophy. Pictured left to right are Tournament Director Pauline Tully, John Howard, Nicholas Crichlow Marketing Manager at Diamonds International Katrina Ali, Xavier Wiggins and James Johnson.

Summit Asset Management takes tops DI golf tourney

Summit Asset Management jotted their names down in the history books on Wednesday as they were named champions for 2020 edition of the Diamonds International Substance Abuse Foundation Golf Tournament. With a team that boasted the likes of top local golfer, James Johnson, the winning quartet beat out 16 other teams to take home victory in the competition to mark the 20th anniversary of the Substance Abuse Foundation.

John Howard, Nicholas Crichlow and Xavier Wiggins made up the rest of the group and together, they shot 55 over the 18 holes at Royal Westmoreland. Second place went to Team Tully/Cornic with 57.6 while the third-place team shot 57.7.

Speaking to The Barbados Advocate during the awards presentation at the end of the day, Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation, Marietta Carrington explained that the road to 20 years was one that was filled with growth. Noting that they currently supported 46 men at Verdun House and 16 at Marina House, Carrington said that the organisation was born out of a desire to help individuals who did not have the resources to help themselves as there were no avenues on the island to rehabilitate those addicted to drugs.

Going on to add that most of the founding members had family members who had a drug dependency issues, Carrington also said that they had come a long way. “The Psychiatric Hospital cannot be the only option available to Barbadians who need professional help for addiction or mental health and the Foundation was born. Small and it has continued to grow and we continue to ensure that individuals who need help, can get that help. No one is turned away. They can be there for a day, they can be there for 90 days – it depends on what the individual requires,” she said.

With their treatment portfolio expanded in more recent times to allow for out-patients who cannot afford to stay away from their employment and who do not need to be institutionalised, Carrington also added that there was an increased demand for services for younger members of society. “We have seen a phenomenon emerging with our young folks. We don’t know what is going on in that family. We don’t know if there is a sick father or a sick mother and therefore, we all need to be vigilant to ensure that this generation of youth are healthy and well. Because of that, we have started to provide out-patient services to the adolescents as well. They not necessarily can come in to a residential treatment for adults, but we are beginning to see more and more parents reaching out for help for their troubled adolescents,” she said before going on to say that regardless of age, status and religious beliefs, every single person knows somebody who needs help.

The tournament, which has been running for the last 24 years as one of the Foundation’s main fund-raising events continues to be important and Carrington said that this event and other like it continue to be critical to their survival. “This is absolutely important! Funding for a charity like the Foundation is very, very difficult because addiction is often seen through moral lenses because we see the behaviours.

This is not Breast Cancer or a children’s charity, this is not for burn victims. This is not a charity or a field work that oftentimes warms people’s hearts. So we need individuals to recognise that addiction is a disease that can be treated and that if from your neck to your head is not functioning, the rest of your body cannot function well,” she said noting that the next thing on the calendar was a fund-raising concert on January 25, to honour founding members Harold Hoyte, Desmond Nicholls, Moussa Moses.

Reminding Barbadians that charity work remains very important, she charged us all with becoming and remaining accountable for our island as it was every Barbadian’s responsibility to ensure that our island flourishes. “We want to indicate to the rest of Barbados that charities can survive if they are well managed and financially resourced and it is every Barbadian’s responsibility to ensure that we are a healthy and safe community. And if we are not healthy and safe and we do not provide the resources to individuals who can potentially cause our country to be unsafe, then none of us are going to be healthy or safe.” she said. (MP)

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