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Bryant Cumberbatch

Squash spotlight on Bryant Cumberbatch

The Barbados Senior and Masters National Squash Championships get set to serve off from November 26-29 at the Barbados Squash Club in Hastings.

Here the spotlight is one Bryant Cumberbatch.


Name: Bryant Cumberbatch

Age: I am 33 years old.


What school did you attend? / What is your occupation?

I attended West Terrace Primary, Frederick Smith Secondary & Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic. Former Chef at Lime Bar & Restaurant – Lime Grove & Lifestyle Centre.


At what age did you start to play squash?

I started playing squash at age four with my older brothers, Gavin and Rhett.


How many years have you been playing squash?

I have been playing this sport for the last 29 years and still enjoy it.


What or who inspired you to play squash?

I was inspired watching my dad Monty Cumberbatch playing at the Rockley Resort squash courts.

How many days a week do you normally spend training?

In season I train four days a week.


Who is your coach? Where do you often train?

My first coach was Rudy Goodridge and my dad. Now I train with the Senior National team (in season) at the Barbados Squash Club.


Have you had the privilege of representing Barbados at any regional or international tournaments?

I have had the honour of representing Barbados at the Regional level from 1996 when I played in the Boys under

12 in the Cayman Islands until

present. I took a two-year break during my teens.

In addition, I have represented Barbados at the 2005 Pan Am Junior Championships in Chile, 2009 CAC Championships in Ecuador and 2010 CAC Championships in Guatemala.


Are you right or left-handed?

I am right-handed.


What is your favourite shot?

The nick, this shot hits into the ‘crack’ i.e. between the floor and any side wall and roll out. This shot will finish the rally.

Who is your favourite squash player?

My favourite squash player is Ramy Ashour, a technically gifted Egyptian player. Ranked by the Professional

Squash Association (PSA) # 1 at his peak in 2010.


Are there any goals you have in mind that you would like to accomplish in the sport?

My goal is to win another National title.


Besides squash are there any other sports that you play? If not, do you have any hobbies which you care to share?

I love Football, Road Tennis and Golf. I also enjoy spending time at the beach with family and friends and the occasional landscaping.


What do you see as your greatest accomplishment?

I have won 12 Junior National titles, 1 Senior National title and 5 Junior Caribbean (CASA) titles and the 2001 Youth Award presented by the National Sports Council.


What are your plans for your game of squash in the future?

My plans going forward are to share as much knowledge and experience with the youth in order to improve their game, and to work on my game and fitness in order to remain within the top 5 players in Barbados.


What would you say to a child or adult to encourage them to choose squash as a sport?

Squash is one of the fittest and healthiest sports, so I would encourage anyone looking for a good workout to come and have a game of squash, while having some fun.

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