Pine and Lady Cougars destroy opponents

THE Preferred Insurance Brokers Pinelands had an initial challenge against the Fusionz Boutique Lady Cavs, but Lady Cougars made light work of the Burger King Clapham Bulls on Sunday night at the Barbados Community College (BCC).

Playing in the first round of the #1 Beauty Supplies and Beauty Exchange Barbados Amateur Basketball Association Women’s League, Pinelands took on Cavs in the last game of the evening. Ashlee Daniel started the game well and with the help of Astrid Alleyne kept Cavaliers close, but Pinelands still led at the end of the first 19-18. Daniel continued her hot streak in the second and Lady Cavs took the lead and maintained it to the half-time break, 37-34.

After half-time, however, it was all Pinelands as the wheels came off of the Cavaliers’ train. Turnovers rained down on the BCC court with Lady Cavs making horrible decisions, passing the ball badly as well as forcing the ball to players that were double and triple teamed. Once the ball was stolen, the Pine was out and running, scoring point after point in the open court. The Cavs looked fatigued and already beaten, but veterans Shakira Shorey and Alleyne tried their best to steady the ship but to no avail. As much points as the two scored, Pinelands were able to motor along due to the fast break points coughed up by their opponents.

Makela Walcott was making a living on the fast breaks and finishing well at the ring to end with 20 points. Maria ‘Flowers’ Cumberbatch also was making a living at the line from being fouled by the Cavs in their attempt to stem the flow of points on the break. However, Cumberbatch was able to hit 15 of 17 shots from the free-throw line, basically cancelling out the feeble attempt by the Cavalier ladies. When the Cavs were able to stop the break by getting back on defence, Pinelands were ready and able to hit jumpers from the outside as well, namely Walcott.

The third quarter ended 59-46, a deficit of 13 and Pinelands cruised through the fourth to win the game by 18, 79-61. After the dust settled, the stats showed that Cavs had a total of 37 turnovers, double that of the Pine. It also showed that they dominated the paint, scoring 32 points down low but it does not seem to have dawned on the guards or the coach that passing the ball inside and using the size advantage in the key are the Lady Cavs’ strengths.

In the end, Cumberbatch had a game-high 27 points for the Pine. Alleyne top scored for the Cavs with a double-double of 21 points and 12 rebounds with good support from Daniel and Shorey, who both contributed double-doubles of their own of 17 and 10, and 10 and 10 respectively.

In the other matchup, Lady Cougars decimated the Bulls by 28 points, 69-41. Cougars led from start to finish. Tiffany Thorpe and Jennifer Hackett-Joseph both had double-doubles in the win for Cougars, with Thorpe scoring 13 points and 12 rebounds while Hackett-Joseph finished with 12 points and 10 boards. For Bulls, the shining light was Antonia Baptiste, who scored 19 points and added five assists in the losing effort. (AS)

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