PIB Pinelands are the BABA #1 Beauty Supplies Exchange Women’s KO Champions.

PIB Pinelands the queens of KO basketball

PIB Pinelands cruised to the #1 Beauty Supplies Exchange Women’s Knockout title in the Barbados Amateur Basketball Association’s Final at the Barbados Community College on Wednesday night.

Coming up against the Lady Cavs, Pinelands had just moments before witnessed their Under-19 Boys’ team win the title, and must have been inspired to continue the winning trend.

Imposing in the block was Latifa Wood, who was going about her work in an efficient manner to finish with a game-high 21 points.

Her team-mate Maria Cumberbatch was like a live wire on the court, sprinting from end to end on countless times – be it for offence or defence, it did not matter as she never gave up.

Cumberbatch’s defender had a hard time keeping up with the energy out put during the match, and it allowed the Pinelands guard to escape for some open looks as Cumberbatch finished with 17 points.

The Lady Cavs struggled on the offensive end with only the veteran Astrid Alleyne being consistent with the scoring to finish with 17 points.

However, the Lady Cavs never matched Pinelands in the scoring and were outscored in each quarter as Pinelands lead 30-20 at the half.

With only one other player in double figures, the Lady Cavs went down in the end 69-46.

For Pinelands, Wood and Cumberbatch were well supported by Tamisha Flatts with 15 points and Sade Clarke with 13 points.

For the Lady Cavs, the other player in double figures was Jada Saunders with 10 points.

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