Chris Oddy took the top spot comfortably.

Chris Oddy took the top spot comfortably.

Oddy good for Globeathon win

FROM a field of close to 200 runners, British visitor, Chris Oddy, was first to come home in the 2016 edition of the Sagicor Globeathon. Clocking a blazing time of 16:54.26 minutes for the win, Oddy copped a $1000 first prize, and will be heading off to Jamaica for the Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run.

Hoping to take a win like he did back in 2014, Oein Josiah had to settle for second in the 5K run, with 17:22.77 minutes. Shemel Maynard, who has been making waves recently in the local road racing, was third with 17:27.48.

For the women, Rachel Atkinson was the first back across the line in 22:00.11 minutes. Carlie Pipe, who was missing in action for a bit, is working her way back to form ,and clocked 22:41.37 for second place. The top-three women were rounded by Ingrid Burrowes, who had 23:43.31 minutes.

The event, now in its fourth year, has been growing steadily, with close to 200 running and over 3000 walking. One of the major forces behind the movement, Dr. Vikash Chatrani, told The Barbados Advocate that the thinking behind the initiative was to get the topic of women's cancers, particularly gynaecological cancers, out in the open.

“Basically it is a walk to raise awareness for the gynaecological, or what we call the 'below the belt' women's cancers. Women tend to keep their private parts private, and we are seeing too many women dying from these cancers.

“Some of these cancers have good preventative tests, they have signs and symptoms that they can realise that would warrant them going over to the doctor and getting tested.

“So what we are trying to do is not only raise awareness for women to know what things to look out for, but to go and get your pap smear, go and have your gynaecological check every year. And the bonus is that you can raise funds to improve women's cancer services at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital,” he said.

Noting that over $100 000 had been raised to date from the previous years, Chatrani said that a new gynaecological cancer and diagnostic unit had been launched earlier this year, and that the funds were being utilised in a good way.

With this year's funds earmarked for further equipment for the clinic and operating theatre, Dr. Chatrani said that he was pleased that the message was being heard.

“We have been going from strength to strength – every year the walk gets bigger; every year more people are aware of what they need to do to prevent these gynaecological cancers. They are being tested.

“Patients come to me and tell me they want that below the belt check. Just hearing that is enough to know that the message is getting out and your private parts are now being tested. They are no longer keeping it private and they are talking about it,” Chatrani said. (MP)


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