Lumber Co. Lakers take down Challengers Juniors

The Barbados Lumber Company Lakers took down the Challengers (A) Juniors squad 77-67 in a physical match up that pushed both teams to play a high level of basketball throughout the game. Within the first five minutes of the game, the officials and the spectators knew the game was going to be a rough and tumble physical game between the two teams.

Challengers started the aggressive play with some off the ball screens which did not sit well with the Lakers players especially the captain Derek Browne who challenged the referees about keeping the game under control and calling the fouls. The physical play only motivated the Lakers to play harder and stronger and they opened up a slim 5 point lead by the end of the first 22-17.

The second quarter saw the Challengers mount a comeback, working on their defense against the aggressive Lakers. The Lakers had used Andre Boadu successfully in the first quarter, relying on the experience and skill of the former Premier Division player to shoulder the load. In the second period the Challengers made the adjustment and Boadu was double teamed forcing the ball away to other players.

The Lakers stumbled and the Challengers capitalized to cut the lead and then take it by the end of the half 35-34. With all to play for by both teams, once again the second half started physical with talk being thrown by both teams at each other. Alwyn Lovell was the primary defender on Derek Browne and picked his pocket a couple time while talking to Browne about his lack of skill. Browne didn’t allow Lovell to make him lose focus and found a way to help his team play better by becoming more a more aggressive facilitator.

At the other end the Challengers were missing and missing badly and once things started to fall apart, the bickering amongst the Challengers started to show its head. The Lakers never looked back and outscored the Challengers in both the third and fourth quarters of the game, 27-18 and 18-14 to seal the win and show that physical play without backing it up does not ensure success. Czario Bourne had an outstanding game with 31 points for the Lakers to top score in the game.

Andre Boadu finished with 15 while Derek Browne had 12 and Darren Adams 11. Adrian Fowler had the team high score for Challengers with 15 points. Lovell and Julian Grant both had 12 in a losing effort on the night. (AS)

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