Early on Lady Cavs were struggling for points, but Winmarie Bowen stepped up to the plate to put the ball in the hoop for her team, finishing with nine points and ten rebounds.

Looks can be deceiving as Zahra Ashby, one of the smaller players on the Lady Tridents squad, was able to score some tough shots against the bigger Lady Cavs defence.

Lady Tridents give good account in loss

IT was a tough loss for the Lady Tridents against Fashionz Boutique Lady Cavs, but the youngsters played one of their best games of the #1 Beauty Supplies and Beauty Exchange Barbados Amateur Basketball Association competition.

The score ended 60-51 but Lady Tridents, and the school girls’ programme, made their supporters proud by the way the team ran at the Cavs. Tridents took off with the lead to start the game, running plays and moving the ball well on the floor and led 8-2 at one point in the first quarter. Cavs were able to recover with some powerful moves to the basket by Winmarie Bowen and the Station Hill side clawed their way back into contention, to lead 15-13 at the end of the first quarter.

Tridents, who had lost the lead, were still confident on the court and Alesha Squires and Zahra Ashby were hitting their midrange jumpers. Lady Cavs were without Ashley Daniel, who is a good perimeter defender and as a result, the top of the key was vulnerable for the Cavs. Squires, Ashby and Rashanna Thorne took advantage of the weak spot and drilled jumper after jumper. The young ladies were also rebounding well against bigger and more seasoned players, giving them a better chance of adding to their total.

Unfortunately, despite the effort, the Tridents never retook the lead in the game. At half-time, the score stood at 30-28 and with some good passing and strong paint play by Bowen and Astrid Alleyne, the Cavs gathered their footing and stretched the lead to 14 by the end of the third, 48-34. In the fourth, Tridents ran a press on the Cavs and created many turnovers, but did not capitalise as much as they could have. It took composure and patience by Lady Cavs to stem the tide of turnovers in the end and score the basketball. Tridents continued to fight hard and did not give up; even with 13 seconds left on the clock, straight out of a time out, they still ran a play to put the ball in the hoop and it was successful.

Alleyne had a game-high 26 points for Lady Cavs with 14 rebounds down low. She had help from twin sisters Winmarie and Winmelecia Bowen with matching double-doubles of nine points and ten rebounds while Shakira Shorey put up eight points. Tridents were led by Squires with 17 points and Rashanna Thorne was good for 12 points. Zahra Ashby also played a good game for the school girls to finish with figures across the board of eight points, seven steals, four rebounds and five assists. (AS)

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