Ian and Keith Wiethers promoted to Rokudan

There are two new 6th Dan (Rokudan) in Barbados Judo fraternity and they are brothers Ian and Keith Weithers.


There are two new 6th Dan (Rokudan) in Barbados Judo fraternity and they are brothers Ian and Keith Weithers.
Over the weekend they were formally presented with their Red and White belts and promoted to the prestigious level by the president of the Barbados Judo Association (BJA) Hoskin Caddle at the Marine Gardens Dojo.
In front of students, parents, family and friends, one by one they were applauded as they received the belt from the President and replaced the black belts which they had worn with the new symbol of their deserving rank and accomplishment.
Caddle explained that in being promoted to Rokudan it was not only about their technical proficiency but it was the developmental aspect that they have brought to the sport of Judo and the BJA.
Keith is an A Class Referee in the International Judo Federation and officiated at the Central American and Caribbean Games, South American Games, Pan American Games since 2002, World Cup, Common Wealth Games and Grand Prix events. He is the only IJF “A” certified referee in the English Speaking Caribbean and has sat on the Panel of Neutral Referees of the Pan American Judo Confederation. He was also coach in 1990 for the Barbados Judo team for CAC games in Mexico.
Ian who is the chief instructor at the Marine Gardens Judo Club having taken over from founder Ken Freeman in 1994 is an International Olympic Committee certified coach.
He has coached and prepared athletes for numerous national, regional and international Individual and Multi Sport Games such as the Common Wealth Games, CAC Games, Pan American Games, World Judo Championships and as the Head Coach of Barbados Judo he has also participated in two Olympic Games, qualifying athletes for the 2004 and 2012 Olympic Games. His list of achievements stretches over three pages long and includes co-ordinating tournaments at different levels in and outside of Barbados, conducting Judo grading in and outside of Barbados as well as conducting coaching clinics and developing and reintroducing a long term athlete model for athletes and judo stakeholders in Barbados stretches over, along with the many certifications he has received along the way.
He is also the pioneer of the Elite Athlete Training program for Judo.
Keith thanked those who contributed to his passage in judo over the years and said it molded him into the person he is today. He was injured in 1990 and it was in that year he also started refereeing with the encouragement from former instructor Ken Freeman. 
Ian mentioned that "Not everyone knows the sacrifices parents make in order for their children to achieve success," and he called on their mother to stand with them at the front as it was her who made them start judo and insisted in two things, that they did their school work and went attended Judo. Now she had the honour to witness her two sons achieve the prestigious rank of Rokudan and be leaders in the sport of Judo.
Ian also thanked his wife and family for their contributions to him. (CG)

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