A thrilling exhibition by seven-time and current reigning Mr. Olympia, Phil ‘The Gift’ Heath, was a tantalising treat for the patrons at the 2017 Darcy Beckles Bodybuilding Classic.

Heath gives advice at 2017 Darcy Beckles Classic

“Your job is not over when you are tired, it is over when the job is finished.” – Phil ‘The Gift’ Heath (2017 Darcy Beckles Bodybuilding Invitational Classic, Bikini & Fitness Championships.)

AN excellent exhibition of sheer muscle and size by Phil ‘The Gift’ Heath, who thrilled the packed Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre last weekend, was followed by a wonderful, heartfelt speech where the seven-time and current reigning Mr. Olympia gave some sound life advice for the patrons.

Heath was such a hit with the crowd while he was on stage, that when he made the decision to come down into the crowd, many ladies were waiting anxiously. Two of them came up immediately to get a real-life feel of the famous muscles of the current Mr. Olympia Champion. With a warm and genuine smile, the champ allowed them the honour of touching his arms. After showcasing his outstanding mass on stage and then walking from front to back and to the front again, posing for the crowd, ‘The Gift’ stopped to offer some advice for all those listening.

“When you go through life and you go through hardship, just remember all you have to do is give it your best. Choose a positive attitude, be grateful for what you have in life and know you get to breathe fresh air. Something that a lot people sometimes cannot and feel sorry for themselves,” he encouraged.

Looking straight at the fans on hand, he admitted that when he first started the sport, he knew that he would not always win, but “I always knew that my best effort would always be good enough”. He asked that all those listening to remember his words that for him it did not happen overnight and sometimes you would be knocked down and you would want to quit, but that is the opportunity to wake up and say this is my moment, this is my time and decide if you punk out or talk the talk and walk the walk, getting better each day.

The reigning champion said that he was about to prepare for next year’s goal of eight titles, which would tie the record with Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman. It is a huge task on his hands, with many people telling him to be watchful of the hungry competitors coming after his title. His response is that they may be hungry, but the champ is starving. He made this reference to encourage others to be starving for greatness and starved for excellence of one’s self.

“You cannot just be the average version of yourself. You have to say goodbye to that. If you want that promotion or that relationship you always wanted to have or the nice house or car, you have to say goodbye to that person,” Heath stressed.

Finally, he said make sure to not just be ready and say you are ready on your best day, but it must also be on your worst day. He joked and said, “Treat life like how athletes treat leg day.”

He promised that if a person takes life head on like leg day, the body and mind will adapt and that would be one step closer to personal greatness. Once that greatness is reached, the current Mr. Olympia declared that your next job is to inspire others and touch people and help them to reach their best self.

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