End of an era

Changes to committee at Windward AGM

As Windward Cricket Club, which will celebrate it’s hundredth anniversary next year, heads into challenging times in the immediate future, its long-term focus must be on continuing to grow the junior programme, encouraging new members to join, and nurture the desire of its members to participate in all the clubs activities.

This was the message of outgoing president, Richard Marshall delivered at the club’s grounds in Lucas Street, St. Philip. During his involvement with the club, Marshall who has served on the Committee of Management for 45 years, 15 as club president, was instrumental in introducing the tennis programme, which from it’s fledgling attempts in the 1980’s has won the inter-club championship in 2018 and 2019, and are in the finals for 2020. He along with Malcolm Martin were also responsible for the introduction of stage productions, which have become an almost annual affair, looked forward to by members and friends alike. Replacing Marshall as president of the club is long time member Richard Cox, who joined WCC in 1985 and has served on the Committee of Management in various roles for the past 28 years. Cox thanked Mr. Marshall for his long-standing service to the club and echoed the comments of the outgoing president, adding “we can no longer treat it as just a club. We need to treat this as a business".

The remaining officers of the club continue unchanged, with Charlie Thornton as Vice President and Bar Secretary, Paul Gill as Secretary, Clyde Gibson as Entertainment Secretary, and Mark Corbin as Treasurer. Other members serving on the committee of management are; Edward Clarke who replaces Ian Weekes, Alan Branch who replaces Richard Cox, John Thornton, Michael Hutchinson and Richard Armstrong.

There were a few changes in the team captain, vice-captain roles for the 2020 season. Sean Thornton remains as Intermediate Cricket captain, and is now joined by Shae Branch, who replaces Alan Branch as Vice-Captain. In the Second Division, Andrew Thornton remains as Captain, and is joined by Dindial Ramrattan, who replaces Richard Cox as Vice-Captain. In the Masters Division, Andrew Lythcott assumes the role of Captain, replacing Alan Branch, while Richard Cox takes on the role of Vice-Captain, replacing Lythcott. In tennis, husband and wife duo Andrew and Lee-Anne Thornton swap roles for this season, with Lee-Anne taking the captaincy while Andrew will act as her Vice-Captain. Selectors for the club are Andrew Lythcott for Intermediate and Second Division cricket, Winston Chase for Masters cricket and Richard Marsh for tennis.

The members voted that the club will be represented at the BCA by Winston Chase and Andrew Lythcott, while Marc Sampson will be the representative at the BTA. The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.


WCC CoM 2020

President, Richard Cox; Vice-President, Charlie Thornton; Secretary, Paul Gill; Entertainment Secretary, Clyde Gibson; Treasurer, Mark Corbin; Bar Secretary, Charlie Thornton; Intermediate Cricket Capt., Sean Thornton; Second Division Capt., Andrew Thornton; Tennis Capt., Lee-Anne Thornton; Ordinary Members, Eddie Clarke; Alan Branch; John Thornton; Michael Hutchinson; Richard Armstrong.


Captains & Vice-Captains

Cricket Intermediate Division: Captain, Sean Thornton; Vice Captain, Shae Branch.

Cricket Second Division: Captain, Andrew Thornton; Vice Captain, Dindial Ramrattan.

Cricket Masters: Captain, Andrew Lythcott; Vice Captain, Richard Cox.

Tennis: Captain, Lee-Anne Thornton; Vice Captain, Andrew Thornton.




Intermediate & Second Division: Andrew Lythcott.

Masters: Winston Chase.

Tennis: Richard Marsh


Club Representatives

BCA: Andrew Lythcott, Winston Chase.

BTA: Marc Sampson

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