Station Hill’s Darren Hunte had a game-high 30 points, but also played great defence. Here, he denies the layup by Manual Alleng of Orange 3 Pinelands.

Captain of Orange 3 Pinelands, Jeremy Gill, is a handful in the key and shows his skill with a gliding layup at the hoop. He finished with 21 points.

Cavs still lose even with Pine misstep

THE Station Hill Cavaliers still went down to Orange 3 Pinelands despite their starting point guard Jeremy Gill fouling out with five minutes remaining in the battle of last year’s league finalists in the Barbados Amateur Basketball Association’s Premier Division.

The Cavaliers did start the game and end the game positively, but somewhere in the middle things did not go well for the Station Hill side. In fact, they had a 12-point lead during the first quarter, up 21-9 with Pinelands trying to find their footing in the game. Darren Hunte, who has been quiet so far for the season, was the main reason for the run, finishing the first quarter with 11 of his team’s 21 points.

The Pine came out to play at the start of the second quarter while the Cavs lost focus. Led by Captain Gill, who lit up the second with 10 points and Anthony Bryan who had four points, Pinelands outscored the Cavaliers’ youngsters 23-9 in the quarter. The momentum shift helped them take the lead to go into the half up six, 36-30.

The second half was all Darren Hunte versus Pinelands as he took it upon himself to fight back for his teammates against the defending champions. He was on a mission in the third, attacking the hoop like a man possessed, finishing strong or making it to the free-throw line. He had another eight points for his team, more than half its total, but the Pine were still rolling as well to keep the opponents at bay.

Gill was leading his team to victory, but was also having problems with some of the referee calls. He was called for at least three offensive fouls in the game, including the last one which caused him to react with disbelief. It was his fourth foul, but his reaction was not tolerated by the referee and he received a technical on top of the offensive foul and fouled out with 5:24 left in the game. One of the other leaders of the Pinelands team, Junior Moore, was on the bench with four fouls as well, but had to come back into the game after Gill’s departure and the score on 66-57.

The Cavaliers unfortunately did not display the poise that was expected from one of the top Premier teams. The focus was lacking as they allowed the weakened Pine team to take the lead to 71-61 with four minutes left. It took a mammoth effort in the dying seconds behind Hunte once again. Cavs, who were down 77-70 with less than 45 seconds left, found some renewed life. Scoring six of his 11 fourth-quarter points in the last few moments of the game, Hunte seemed determined to win the game. His perseverance spread to teammate Zachary Cave, who scored the last bucket for his team literally from his knees, sending the Barbados Community College Gym into a frenzy as the lead was now a single point 77-76 with 13 seconds left.

It was not to be though. The loss would come regardless for Station Hill with Pinelands hitting one free-throw and the ball falling from Hunte’s hands as he ran the full length of the court to try to score in under six seconds. The clock ran out as the ball rolled off the court and the Pine survived 78-76.

Hunte had a game-high 30 points and added 11 rebounds. The only other Cavalier in double figures was Jamai Puckerin with 14 points. For the Pine, Gill had 21 points and 10 rebounds with good support from four other players in double figures. Anthony Barrow with 14, Derion Hurley with 13, Junior Moore with 12 points and 12 rebounds, and Ian Alexander with 10. (AS)

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