Current national team Coach, Colin Harewood was handed his letter by Coaching Instructor and self-proclaimed honourary Barbadian, Lenny Lake. 

C-License course comes to a close

Barbados blazed a trail by becoming the first of 34 territories to be delivered the CONCACAF C – License Coaches Course. Coming to an end yesterday after eight days of intense theoretical and practical training, close to 30 coaches have gone down in history as the first to have completed the C level instruction under the regional body.

Getting started at the Usain Bolt Sports Complex, the programme came to an end yesterday at the Barbados Football Association’s Wildey headquarters with an examination that would have tested everything they learned during the course. Speaking during the closing ceremony, BFA President (Ag.) Captain Al Walcott said that he expected only the best from the coaches as they carried the reputations of the CONCACAF Coaching Instructors that delivered the course. “You will be representing the instructors that spent eight days giving you all the knowledge and skills and information that they have. So you first represent them. The dedication, the time that they put in to give you all that is needed so that you will be successful as instructors and coaches. The eight days also would have taken you through an intense period where you would have understood discipline, you would have understood character, you would have understood the need for endurance,” he said.
Going on to urge the coaches to maintain set standards of performance, Walcott added that the course brought out new qualities in them that he hoped to see continued. “The eight days you would have spent on this course would have brought you to a new level of thinking, a new level of performance and a new level as coaches. During my observations, I saw some camaraderie, I saw commitment and I also saw teamwork and these are three qualities that I believe you need to take forward from here as you go into the clubs, as you go into the schools – wherever you go,” Walcott said.
The results of the course are still out, however all participants were presented with a letter congratulating them on completion of the course signed by CONCACAF’s Director of Development, Hugo Salcedo. With 33 other territories lining up to receive the C – License instruction, these coaches have a bit of time to flex their muscles as CONCACAF will not be rolling out the B – License before 2018. (MP)

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