Brian Talma creating a safe place to learn a sport

ONE of Barbados’ most recognizable surfers, Brian Talma, was all smiles despite an empty Silver Sands Beach recently, as he managed to complete a major project.

However, the project was not in his community but in the iconic Bathsheba where he teamed up with Kevin ‘Buju’ Nichols to build a surf shop where kids can learn to surf in a safe environment.

Talma said the event at Bathsheba was one of the most successful events he has done on the Beach Culture World Tour.

“...After less than two years [we] were able to establish a shop.”

Everyone from the community had helped and Talma said it was a full on organic project which culminated with a Gromfest event on November 15.

The event was paired with some of the legends of the sport who all came together to then use it as a fundraiser for one of their surfers who is going blind.

Anyone from the community can go and learn for free to wind surf, kite surf, paddle surf.

Jamar Price has been sponsored by Talma’s Action Beach shop and he can teach lessons as well as use the equipment to improve his skills.

Talma sadly announced that some of the people who have passed through his programme have fallen by the way side and are imprisoned.

However he said that the Action Beach Shop remains open and welcomes anybody, as he wants it to be a place where one can come and learn these sports and you don’t have to go in that direction.

“Our goal is to create an environment here for fellas like Jamar to become better athletes, to the train them as a platform to go onto better things in life.”

Talma mentioned that with the dwindling numbers in the dominant surfers who originate from the community, this is one of the ways to help the resurgence of the community wave riders as their long term goal.

A stroll onto the beach revealed the stark reality of the current situation as not a single person was seen on the beach. With the tough economic times befalling people who earn a living on the water and beaches.

Despite this, Talma is still willing to teach anyone from the community for free as he hopes to create an alternative to the world of criminal activities.

“Taking care of all and not just yourself”.

“Collaborated from my heart and gave something from my heart. I saw a situation and responded.” (CG)

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