Body Building project gets under way


THE St. Michael Body Building and Physique and Fitness Project has now officially begun. The St. Michael show has been off the calendar for eight years and the body building fraternity has seen it fit to bring it back onto the schedule of events.
Neville Clarke, public relations officer of the organising committee, spoke to the media about the event and stated that body building in Barbados had fallen. He declared that it was necessary for this show be brought back in order to facilitate the resurgence of body building in Barbados. He spoke of the past success Barbados has had on the international scale where local body builders competed with the world’s best. This event was brought back to life in the hope of once again producing some of the world’s best as well as to cater to the youth. The aim for the youth is to begin at the primary school level where the children can be developed from an early age and educated about the sport of body building.
On June 25, 2016 at the DLP Auditorium, the categories to be judged will be the Open Men’s body building, Bikini Fitness, Body Fitness and Men’s Physique. There will 
also be novice competitions where the winners will be eligible for the Open Men’s category. At the moment, 60 competitors are expected for the event, which includes primary and secondary schools, namely Charles F. Broome, St. Paul’s Primary, Hillaby Turners Hall, Deacons Primary, Bay Primary, Westbury Primary, Wilkie Cumberbatch, Daryll Jordan Secondary, Deighton Griffith Secondary and the Government Industrial School.
A number of top body builders have already committed to the event and it is expected that at least nine will compete for the top spot. The Men’s Physique and Fitness categories have become the more popular of the categories as well as Bikini Fitness and the majority of the competitors hail from these three. The total purse is approximately $18 000 for the competition and with the aid of the sponsors and pledged persons, the full amount quoted for the prizes will be available. There will be a challenge trophy up for grabs along with the prize money in the Open category, while the Barbados Public Workers’ Credit Union will provide savings certificates for the winners in the youth divisions.
The Barbados Business Trust will also train two of the winners in the youth division in establishing a business in an effort to set the youth on a path to success from an early age. These are just some of the 20 sponsors who have come on board to support the venture. (AS)

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