‘Gifted’ 10th Annual Darcy Beckles Edition this weekend

The 10th Annual Darcy Beckles Body Building Invitational Classic, Bikini & Body Fitness Championships is slated to take place tomorrow Saturday, 11th November at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Complex at 5 p.m.

With 78 athletes from Suriname, Guyana, Trinidad, Grenada, Antigua, Guadeloupe and Barbados, it is anyone’s crown to win with defending champion Stevenson Belle not returning to defend his title. The competitors will compete in eight Divisions with Bikini Wellness and Classic Bodybuilding being newly added to the list.

Along with some of the best bodybuilders and fitness athletes the Caribbean has to offer, the tenth edition of the event will showcase to its patrons one of the most decorated bodybuilders in the world, Phil ‘The Gift’ Heath.

Heath is a 7-time Mr. Olympia and has been competing professionally since 2003. The superstar lauded the efforts of the Barbados Amateur Body Building and Fitness Federation for promoting positive lifestyles through fitness and wellness. He also said that it was his first time on the island and he and his fiance felt the warmth of the Barbados people immediately.

‘The Gift’ expressed his excitement about this weekend’s competition saying that the public should come out and support those who have taken up the sport. The 7-time champion highlighted that weight lifting, diet and excercise was a way to alleviate stress and also a healthier lifestyle promotes good wellbeing. All ages can come out and see what is the closest real life version of an action hero striking poses on stage.

“We have been welcomed with open arms and very warm wishes and we would like to continue the trip as it started, having fun. I truly believe that come Saturday on that Bodybuilding stage I will have a whole lot of fun.”

Heath was making reference to the fact that he was in off-season mode, so he was not currently dieting and not stressed but here just to support like-minded persons and hitting poses for the fans. He explained that he saw it as a time for himself to inspire and motivate others who have a dream of being a champion. He thanked the federation and Barbados for inviting him to the show and he made it clear that all should come to see him as his type of muscle is not something that is seen on stage ordinarily.

The 7-time Mr Olympia finally said that he was here to help any athlete that he saw and believed that they could make it in the pro ranks, he would do what he can to get the athlete out there for his fans and the world to see. He encouraged those who were participating to come at their best and give their all, because not only the judges were watching but he was as well.

Tickets for the show are $65 while entry at the door is $70. (AS)

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