Lieutenant Colonel, Errol Braithwaite, Commandant of the Barbados Cadet Corps as he proudly awards Sgt Amya Robinson-Reece (right) with her first place and Most Outstanding Student awards.

Female cadet cops first place

Hard work truly pays off and Sergeant Amya Robinson-Reece, was able to see the rewards of her hardwork as she was able to graduate at the top of the All Arms Drill Instructors’ Course Intake 1/18.

Coming in second place was Sergeant Raheem Cottle and third place was taken by Able Body Seaman, Mikel Gooding.

Speaking during the graduation ceremony, which was held at St. Ann’s Fort on Saturday evening, Lieutenant Colonel Errol Braithwaite, Commandant of the Barbados Cadet Corps, commended the class on successfully completing the course. He revealed that the course was not an easy one and therefore believed that extending congratulations to the young graduated recruits was necessary.

He expressed that the completion of this course signified that they had reached a significant milestone in their cadet career.

“Having gone through this process of rigorous training, it is expected that each and every one of you further enhanced your personal skills in drill and leadership techniques with a high level of precision,” he said.

“In this regard, you should seize every opportunity to utilise your skills to lead your subordinates, in order that they too can achieve greatness in their pursuits.”

As a result of graduating this course, he explained that the young cadets were now able to effectively use Methods of Instruction in relation to Drill Phraseology, as well as how to become competent drill instructors.

The Commandant reminded the graduates that much will be expected from each of them now.

The Commandant expressed that it is his belief that Drill is an important aspect of any young person’s personal development. He explained that the aim of Drill was to produce a cadet “who is proud, alert and obedient”; it also provides the basis of teamwork and team spirit.

He was confident that the cadets were prepared with the strategic perspective, professional knowledge and the necessary leadership skills which are required in their duties.

He noted that these attributes were things that employers usually sought after in their employees and in this regard, he challenged the graduates to effectively apply the knowledge and skills that they would have gained in this course for their future endeavours.

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