Hoping for an incident-free Kadooment

THE 2018 edition of Crop Over will climax today with Grand Kadooment. From what has been noticed over the last several days of the festival, it is anticipated that today’s Grand Kadooment, barring any unforeseen circumstances, will turn out to be another success, as all of the other previous events have been.

One can therefore agree with those who have followed the progress of the this year’s festival, that the time is fast approaching when those in charge may need to look for ways to make it an even bigger annual event.

Our main hope today is for an incident-free Kadooment Day, where Barbadians can feel safe as they view and take part in the activities that will bring the curtain down on the festival.

We wish not to have a repeat of what happened last year, when some lawless individuals marred what was otherwise an awesome day with gunfire, catching unsuspecting patrons only looking just to have a good time in the crossfire.

It is our wish that the security personnel will be out in their numbers, as is promised by the Police, to deal with the criminal element.

A sight to behold
It is hard to imagine criminal minded persons going to Kadooment to cause harm and disturbances, when there is so much else to see and to admire.

Approximately some 27 bands, four more than a year ago, are expected to participate in today’s Grand Kadooment, and we expect a significant number of spectators will line the route to watch the event. What the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) and the other stakeholders have put together year after year for the enjoyment of Barbadians and those who have come here is certainly wonderful.

This festival, which started back in the mid 1970s, has emerged as one of the most fantastic programmes in the calendar of events. Grand Kadooment is perhaps one of the most spectacular features of the season with the creativity of Barbadians on display for the world to see. The costumes, the music, the food, the fun and partying – it all makes for an impressive showcase. Then there is the international media who will have a lot to capture and to report on for their audiences back home. We know that our carnival is of the highest order and that’s what makes it appealing to the rest of the world.

It portrays a country – never mind the economic challenges – which is able to rise above all its challenges and put on something that is exemplary.

As we wish for today’s events to come off without a glitch, we must also thank all those who have taken it upon themselves to participate.

Here’s hoping that everyone will have a safe and enjoyable Kadooment Day.

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