Red Advertising’s winning creative team celebrates 15 years at the top.

BUSINESS MONDAY - 15 Years at the Top!

Red Advertising tops ADDY awards once again

RED Advertising set another record when, for an unprecedented 15th year, they topped the Barbadian entries as well as maintaining their Top 3 Status as a regional creative powerhouse in the 2018 judging of The American Advertising Federation ADDY Awards.

Red won 25 awards in total, leading a year that saw a strong performance coming out of Barbados, with six Barbadian agencies winning 47 awards among them.

FLOW and ABInbev (Banks Holdings Ltd.) were the biggest winners through Red, with a total of 14 ADDYs, including four Gold ADDYS. In all Red won awards on eight brands including The Future Centre Trust, Norman Centre, Abed’s. Woolworth, Majestic Dry Cleaners (Trinidad) and Red Advertising itself.

Jevan Jutagir, Managing Director of Red, commented on the awards, noting: “Consistently delivering great creative work year after year takes determination and commitment. We go all out not just every year, but every day to deliver the best possible work for all our clients…not just the bigger ones or the ones with the most exciting brand portfolios.

“In fact, at last count, we have won awards on over 50 different client brands across just about any sector. That is what being the best in Barbados and the Caribbean takes!

“Our Creative Director, Tracey Garcia, to my mind, is simply the best in the business right now and has been for some time. Her team is on top of its game and we are delighted to have been so well rewarded by the ADDY judges, year after year.”

He went on to talk about the competition in a Barbadian context.

“I loved the fact that there appears to have been a resurgence of agency creativity in Barbados. Five other Barbadian agencies also won another 27 ADDY awards and it is great to see some of the younger agencies winning their first ever awards!

"We like competition, it makes us all sharper. Normally we have to go to Trinidad for a good fight but I am glad to finally see some home grown challengers.

"Shockingly, I see the younger Barbadian agencies rising but some of our older agency stalwarts failing to secure even one award amongst them. Imagine being around for over ten years and getting soundly beat by a start-up agency not yet a year old? I know it sounds harsh, but perhaps it might be time for them to retire if they do not have any fire left in their bellies!”

The ADDY awards is the creative award show of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) of which the Caribbean Advertising Federation (CAF) is a member. The awards are 3 tiered with local shows and awards which feed into regional shows (the CAF is part of the 4th District region which includes Florida, The Caribbean and Puerto Rico) which in turn feed into a National show.

Red advertising & marketing Ltd. is one of the Caribbean’s most creatively awarded agencies.

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